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Position TitleJob NumberJob DescriptionPay Scale
2022-2023 Special Education Teacher Aides2022-2023 Special Education Teacher Aides

POSITION:                            Special Education Teacher Aides

                                              Substitute Special Education Teacher Aides

LOCATION:                          Districtwide

HOURS:                                7-hour workday

REPORTS TO:                     Building & Department Administrators  

RESPONSIBILITIES:           Assist student with disabilities (K-12)

                                              Specific tasks as assigned by teachers or administrators


REQUIREMENTS:              Teaching certification preferred

                                            Experience working with children preferred

                                            High School Diploma


COMPENSATION:              Teacher Aide:  $121.30 per day

                                             Substitute Teacher Aide:    $105.00 per day


EFFECTIVE:                         8/30/2022

TA $121.30 per day/Sub TA $105.00 per day
2022-2023 Special Education Teacher Aide Substitute2022-2023 Special Education Teacher Aide Substitut


Substitute Special Education Teacher Aides

LOCATIONS:                   All Schools

HOURS:                          7 Hours per day

DAYS:                              School Days

REPORTS TO:              School Administrators           

REQUIREMENTS:        Fingerprint Clearance

RESPONSIBILITIES:   Assist the teacher in carrying out the student’s IEP and meeting the student’s objectives by providing instructional support, improving classroom organization, collecting data, supporting the teacher’s instructional plans and strategies, and any other responsibilities assigned by teacher or building administration.




$105.00 per day

Baldwin School District is fair in its hiring processes. No applicant will be turned away based on race, age, gender, disability, culture, religion, etc.