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Position TitleJob NumberJob DescriptionPay Scale
Head Custodian III2024-2025 Head Custodian III



Assigns tasks to cleaners, custodians and maintainers

Supervises all cleaning and maintenance activities in a school building.

Supervises operation of school buildings during school events.

Supervises operation and maintenance of low pressure boiler, hot air furnace, or hot water heating system.

Interviews and recommends the hiring of subordinate personnel.

Requisitions, receives and distributes building cleaning supplies.

Handles inspections of maintenance systems.



$68,614 - $76,795
2024-2025 Art (Digital Photography)2024-2025 Art

2024-2025 Art Teacher (Digital Photography)
Probationary High School position.
Salary based on teachers' contract. Experience will be considered. 
Digital photo experience is a plus.


MA Step 1 starts at $70,728


LOCATION:             Baldwin High School
HOURS:                   7:00 AM- 3:30 PM     Tuesday through Saturday
REPORTS TO:        Building Administrators, Director of Facilities & Operations, Head Custodian

RESPONSIBILITIES: Sweeps, mops, washes walls, dusts, empties waste baskets and disposes of rubbish, handles towels and other cleaning supplies, waxes floors, washes windows and blackboards, and assists in cartage of supplies and equipment. Sets up and removes furniture for special affairs. Secures windows and doors after cleaning assigned areas. Removes snow or rakes leaves in immediate vicinity of buildings. Paints areas not requiring specific painting skills and/or knowledge.


Baldwin School District is fair in its hiring processes. No applicant will be turned away based on race, age, gender, disability, culture, religion, etc.